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  Gm to Ford
  .842 to .875
  GM to Chrysler
  .842 to .904
  Ford to Chrysler
  .875 to .904
  GM to .937 Dog Bone
  .842 to .937
  Ford to .937 Dog Bone
  .875 to .937
  Chrysler to .937 Dog Bone
  .904 to .937
Add 3% for orders outside of the US

Enlarging Reamers

Enlarging reamers allow you to open up your existing size lifter bore to a larger size lifter bore.

All enlarging reamers are $ 165 each plus shipping.

Prices subject to change without notice.

Wydendorf Machine accepts PayPal and money orders. To place an order call 269-781-2709.

Piloting lifter bore reamers..